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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 11, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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less about what happens next. no more going after the morning after pill. details on the government no longer trying to limit the sale of the contraceptive. and it is tebow time in new england. it looks like the patriots will sign tim tebow, but it's not as if tom brady's shaking in his boots. one of the best rivalries in sports takes yet another turn. this is "way too early" on a tuesday. ♪ it's like a bizarro day. jon stewart's done from "the daily show," and tim tebow's on the patriots. good morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman. it is june 11th. all right, so, he is going to be a part of patriot nation, right? a lot of people say -- i am not saying it -- a lot of people say he's one of the most overrated athletes of all time. it's a pretty bold claim, but it made us think about overrated, what it means, who is it? so, we want to know, who's more overrated out there than tebow? we're talking sports, politics,
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business, news anchoring. be nice, though, folks out there. use #waytooearly. we'll put the best responses on the air later in the show. now to our top story this morning. later today, members of the house will hear directly from the fbi, the justice department and the nsa about the leak of classified information that revealed a vast government program to monitor americans' phone and internet data. there are growing calls on capitol hill for the self-identified leaker, 29-year-old edward snowden, to face criminal charges for his actions. some, including senators dianne feinstein and bill nelson, have called his actions "treasonist." saxby chambliss, the top republican on the intelligence committee, said "if it's not" treason, "it's pretty damn close." snowden's whereabouts actually now unknown, and he may even have left hong kong, where he had been staying in a hotel for weeks. lawmakers and federal officials want to know how a private contractor with limited experience and an apparent lack
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of formal education had access to such sensitive material. it's also shining a spotlight on the government's use of outside companies to deal with national secrets. get this number, 1.4 million people hold top-secret clearances, one-third of them private contractors. still, new polling shows the american people are generally in favor of clandestine programs like this. according to a "washington post"/pew poll, 62% favor and 56% say the phone-tracking program is acceptable. but more than half of those surveyed believe the government should not monitor e-mail to prevent terrorist attacks. some other news to get to, starting with former south african president nelson mandela still in the hospital for a fourth day. the country's sitting president described the former leader's health as serious but stable. today, mandela was visited by family, including his daughter,
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who is an ambassador, as well as his ex-wife, winnie. he's reportedly been in intensive care since he was admitted four days ago. all across the country, as you might imagine, prayers for his recovery. the former president, a political prisoner for nearly three decades, turns 95 next month. developing overnight, violence boiling over in turkey, which, of course, is a key u.s. ally, and traditionally, one of the most stable democracies in a region that has lately been torn apart by unrest. hundreds of police stormed barricades in istanbul's taksim square. protesters could be seen throwing rocks and molotov cocktails. police apparently using tear gas in response. demonstrators have occupied the square for more than a week. these riots began after a peaceful environmental protest because they were clearing some trees in that spot, but it was met with a tough police crackdown. meanwhile, a deadly day in iraq is just the latest in a wave of sectarian violence. at least 70 people were killed across the country in a series
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of car bombs, suicide attacks and shootings. while no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, much of the blame for violence over the past few months has fallen on sunni dissidents with ties to local al qaeda units. some 2,000 people have been killed in iraq since just april. to afghanistan and a follow-up on a story we brought you yesterday about an attempted attack on the kabul airport. well, it turns out, it was part of two targeted attacks that were coordinated by the taliban. seven suicide bombers hit the nato side of the airport, forcing the country's largest airport to cancel all civilian flights for a period of time. another group of six militants rushed to a political building in the zabul province, wounding nearly 20. according to "the new york times," u.s.-trained afghan forces did respond quickly and effectively. back in the u.s., in florida, jury selection is under way in the trial of george zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in last year's shooting death of an unarmed teenager, trayvon
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martin. the incident led to large protests before police eventually arrested zimmerman, who pleaded not guilty and claims he acted in self-defense. nbc's ron mott has the latest developments from the courtroom. >> like, i felt his arm going down to my side, and i grabbed it and i just grabbed my firearm and i shot one time. >> reporter: more than 15 months after telling police his side of the story about the night he shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old trayvon martin, 29-year-old george zimmerman is now officially on trial for murder. >> i can tell you as a family, we're very confident in the outcome of the case and we're very confident that the state will not be able to meet its burden. >> reporter: six panelists will be chosen from a pool of 500 to serve on the jury, a process that could take weeks, as attorneys wade through stacks of questionnaires. >> the defense wants white jurors who love their guns and maybe have been victims of a crime. the prosecution wants people that don't like the idea of self vigilantes walking around with guns in their pocket.
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>> reporter: zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. his attorney says zimmerman acted in self-defense after being attacked by martin. >> we are trayvon! >> reporter: but the six-week period between the shooting and zimmerman's arrest sparked protests here and around the country, with critics charging race was a factor in the case, arguing police would have been quicker to make an arrest had the victim been white. >> all of these issues kind of snowballed into a larger narrative about race that i don't think was really part of the story when trayvon martin died. >> reporter: martin was killed less than an hour after he was seen buying candy and iced tea from a convenience store. the encounter between martin and zimmerman could be heard on a 911 call. >> so, you think he's yelling "help"? >> yes. >> all right, what is your -- number. >> just, there's gunshots. >> you just heard gunshots? >> yes. >> how many? >> just one.
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>> reporter: martin's family asked for peace and justice. >> we are relieved that the start of the trial is here with the jury selection, as we seek justice for our son, trayvon, and we also seek a fair and impartial trial. >> reporter: we want to note that george zimmerman has sued nbcunivers nbcuniversal, the parent company of msnbc, for defamation in civil court. the company strongly denies his allegations. children who need new lungs will now get special consideration from the board overseeing organ transplants. the decision comes after the families of two dying children filed suit. the national organ procurement and transplantation network, their board voted unanimously for a system that gives children access to a larger pool of lungs available for transplant. the decision also ensures organs do not go to waste. the issue came to prominence when the parents of 10-year-old sarah murnaghan filed a lawsuit objecting to the system that didn't allow children to get adult or teenage lungs.
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girls of any age will soon gain access to emergency contraception without prescriptions or age restrictions. this is a major reversal for the department of justice over the so-called morning after pill. the government now plans to drop its appeal of an april ruling. in 2011, the fda was preparing unrestricted sales when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius overruled her own scientists in an unprecedented move. women's rights advocates say the decision could be a move forward for reproductive justice. opponents argue the drug's availability takes away the rights of parents. the markets weren't impressed much, despite two pretty big announcements -- new apple product launches and an improved debt outlook from s&p. cnbc's steve sedgwick live for us in london right now. the "wall street journal" headline kind of sums it up. markets yawn as apple, microsoft unwrap their latest toy. what's going on? >> well, i think you're right, brian, but i think what we need
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is a bit of a yawn. this market's been on a roller coaster ride, and once again in european and global markets together, there's concern yet again about peripheral debt and all kinds of things as well. but in terms of those two stories, you're absolutely right. apple shares have fallen from about 700 bucks down to 450 bucks. new software announced, ios 7 with a different color palette but not seizing investors with too much interest. shares closed around $438, which is where they've been as of late. s&p, though, saying the u.s. economy looking stable rather than negative. they marked it down to aa-plus from aaa in august of 2011. debt-to-gdp is stable around 84% and they're saying the fiscal position looks stable and growth will be somewhere in the region of 2% to 3% as well. markets also looking at sony as well, the big holiday season wars will be on us before we know it later in the year. we've got a new xbox coming and a sony playstation 4, and the battle will be on price as well as what's in the box as well. sony's come out with a playstation 4, which is going to be $100 cheaper than the xbox 1.
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and brian, your favorite games, including final fantasy, kingdom hearts 3, the order 1866, like an assassin's creed, and the new gran pristours moe. >> all my favorites. by the way, lululemon, i don't know if you own their products, they have a transparent issue with their yoga pants, right? >> yes, they did. >> and they had a customer service nightmare because they made women literally bend over to see if they were see-through before they could return them. now the high-flying company's ceo is stepping down and the stock is getting absolutely thumped in after-hours trading. >> for the men out there, you never know, they might have liked the yoga pants, but we have to be honest, they were a bit sheer, weren't they? and that led to a product recall, a bit of an issue there, but it is a cult following. christina day has stepped down. apparently she's exhausted. shares fell 16%. back to you. i personally prefer my jane
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fonda leotard. >> that's a sight. sort of like the man keenie that i could do without. all right, steve, we appreciate it. tim tebow's about to become a patriot, the most talked about backup player of all times. we want to know who's more overrated? use #waytooearly, and we'll have the best answers at the end of the show. still ahead on "way too early," speaking of sports, chad johnson's going to jail. the moment in the courtroom that has a former star nfl player doing a short amount of hard time. and hillary clinton, she's on twitter. the details in her bio that actually have the internet buzzing. that story and a check on weather when we come back. he is the first of his race to become a university of alabama student. he is followed into the registrar's office by vivian malone. both the students are 20 years old and will take summer
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♪ time for sports and my man, bill karins. >> good morning. >> who would have thought that this would happen? >> no one has -- i just talked to a die-hard patriots fan, and no one can explain the rationale on this to me. >> i am a die-hards patriots fan, but according to espn, the former jets and broncos quarterback, tim tebow, signed a contract with the new england patriots. >> why? >> he's expected to participate in the team's mini-camp on tuesday. >> he's not going to make the team. >> well, he's reunited with offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels, who was the coach in denver when he had his best success as a quarterback, but a lot of people say he might not even be used as a quarterback. mike freeman at sites a source that says he will study a great deal at tight end. espn refutes that, but gronkowski, their great tight end, has had like four surgeries and he might be done, so we'll see what happens. >> belichick the mad scientist. i can't wait. now everyone can't wait to see what he's going to do. >> well, at least he's not going
2:46 am
to be the starting quarterback. we know that. brady's a little better than that guy. what's his name, sanchez? is that his name. it was the hand shake at least heard around the golf world, tiger woods, sergio garcia, a brief moment on the driving range yesterday before the u.s. open, the first time the two have talked since garcia made a seemingly racist comment about woods after the players championship. there is their -- >> made for tv moment. >> yeah, i guess. >> couldn't do it in the locker room. had to do it where there was 1,000 people watching. >> garcia apologized on twitter, but this was their first face-to-face meeting. neither addressed the hand shake yesterday. they both talk to the media today in advance of the u.s. open, but let's just face it, these two guys don't like each other. >> and we need them in the final pairing on sunday -- >> which would be fantastic. >> it would be. to baseball now, rays hosting the first-placed red sox. tempers flair in the sixth after boston's john lackey pegs the player in the back. jarrod saltalamacchia gets in front of joyce, not happy, wanted a clear path. so are we going to go at it?
2:47 am
are we going to dance, boys? yes, we are, right on the first base line. no punches were thrown. in the 14th, game still tied. boston's daniel nava with a bloop single to center that scores the go-ahead run. no answers from the rays. boston wins 10-8. >> joyce hit a home run in the beginning of the game, then like a home run foul and he kind of watched it and lackey didn't like it. after the game, lackey says i was just going inside. i mean, he -- >> he hit him. >> he definitely hit him. >> he was back hunting. to chicago, cubs hosting the reds in dense fog in wrigley. imagine trying to hit a 90-mile-per-hour fastball when you can barely see. but it wasn't a problem for brandon phillips. he cracks a shot to left. the crowd doesn't even know where the ball is, going to hit you in the head. the reds win 6-2. they actually did have a fog delay in the third inning. >> that's incredible. this one, chad johnson. he's going to be in jail for 30 days. the artist formerly known as
2:48 am
ochocinco, just take a look. he's about to serve probation and a plea deal for a domestic violence case. a hearing yesterday, ft. lauderdale, the judge asked johnson if he was happy with his attorney, so he slaps him in the butt. he says, yeah, i'm happy. and the judge, well, she didn't laugh. >> mr. johnson, i don't know that you're taking this whole thing seriously. i just saw you slap your attorney on the back side. this isn't a joke. >> i didn't do it as a joke. >> everybody in the courtroom was laughing. i'm not accepting these plea negotiations. >> so, if it was a fist, pump or a high-five, it might have been okay? >> yeah, an atta boy was not appropriate. >> the judge threw out the plea deal and gave johnson 30 days in the clink. >> yeah, and we won't miss him. yesterday -- >> brutal! i was so sick of the rain! >> is art finished? yeah, the sunrise in d.c. is welcome this morning after yesterday. and down around d.c. and baltimore, i mean it was tornado watch and flash flood watches yesterday.
2:49 am
i mean, it was scary for a little while there, and we did have in areas near newark, delaware, looks like an official tornado that was on the ground that did damage. thankfully, no injuries, but there is a lot of cleanup to be done. yesterday about 1 to 3 inches from boston all the way to d.c. it's still raining this morning, by the way, in areas of new england. it will rain probably the first half of today and then it will slowly begin to improve as we go throughout the afternoon. there's some of the rain around boston, manchester, portland. later today, as far as severe storms go, it will be late this afternoon, northern plains. some of those storms tomorrow morning early in the morning hours could dive down towards chicago. and by the way, it's very hot in the central plains. yesterday was 99 in denver. today we're going to be about 95 to 100 from denver, kansas city, st. louis to dallas. and we're not done yet, bri. still a chance of storms in the northeast and it's shaping up as one of those junes to not remember. >> all right, father's day might clear up little bit. mika brzezkinski. >> yeah, how are you doing? a little early day again because we have a lot coming up on "morning joe." the nsa surveillance story is
2:50 am
generating a huge conversation across the country, and the opinion pages are absolutely abuzz this morning. you're not going to want to miss what former governor howard dean and the "washington post's" eugene robinson have to say about the controversy when they join us. white house press secretary jay carney says security versus privacy is an absolutely appropriate topic for debate. the folks at buzz feed have that debate between senator barack obama and president barack obama. it's going to be very interesting to show you how he has evolved on the issue. and also, someone told me that donnie's here? >> he is. >> which -- what? >> usually, he's in here, you know, fixing his clothes? >> no, no. ♪ >> whoa, let's see the suit. let's see the jacket. >> yeah, i really don't -- >> he's a good dresser. >> okay. so, i brought in someone to shadow me at work. i'd like you to stay 20 yards away from her. thank you, donnie. brian. >> thank you, mika. we'll see you in a few minutes. when we get back, we'll huddle around the water cooler. john oliver's debut as host of
2:51 am
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♪ of course, the nsa story's huge, but so is the disappearance of jon stewart.
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lewis somewhere in the bowles of 30 rock has "the cooler." hey, lewis. >> hey, brian, how are you doing? >> what's up? >> while the world is waiting to see where former cia worker turned leaker edward snowden pops up, last night, stephen colbert had his eye on another suspicious character. >> i do find it suspicious that the same day this guy flees to hong kong, this guy flees to jordan to direct a serious movie? yeah, that's believable. and, and dig it, who's his replacement? a foreigner. nsa, you're going to want to keep your eye on this guy because he is suspicious and very talented. >> yes, it's finally happened. "daily show" host jon stewart is off directing his new film, and correspondent john oliver is filling in. so, let's see how he did. >> intelligence agencies are secretly collecting millions of americans' phone records on a
2:55 am
daily basis. >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me! jon's been gone one day! one day! we had such a fun, gentle first show planned for you as well. you know, a few harmless british jokes, like, oh, this is a football, not a soccer ball. we call it a football. halfway through the show, we were going to break and have a little tea time. not only is the government tracking everyone's phone calls, but that's just the tip of the [ bleep ] berg. >> now we're hearing it goes way beyond phone records to our internet habits and who we e-mail with. >> i'll bet the amish are feeling pretty [ bleep ] smug right now. >> looks like he isn't doing that bad of a job. now, here's a unique way to get served. rihanna is singing at a concert last saturday night when he was handed papers from someone in the crowd, legal papers, that is. the singer is being sued in l.a.
2:56 am
for failing to show up at an l.a. nightclub. instead, she performed at the l.a. pride fest. the team maintains they canceled well in advance. pretty funny. we all remember this picture of hillary clinton texting turned into a viral phenomenon, "texts from hillary," we called it. now the legend is starting a phenomenon of her own, tweets from hillary. hillary joined twitter yesterday, sending a nod to the hillary creators in the first tweet, "thanks for the inspiration, i will take it from here," and i'll bet she will. she has the most expansive bio, referring to herself as first lady, senator, secretary of state, hair icon, pant suit aficionado and glass ceiling cracker. the very bottom of her bio, she has tbd, perhaps a run for 2016? brian, mika? >> hey, lewis, i'm still here. so, your stories are good, you're almost interesting, but why are you in a tux? i don't get it. >> i was at the tonys. >> the tonys are over.
2:57 am
>> well, it was the after, after, after party that i was at. >> whatever. >> i hope you changed your undershirt, lewis. >> no, this is all naturale. same tux. >> you're looking a little greasy. thanks, lewis. still ahead on "way too early," some say tim tebow's overrated, but he's not alone. your best nominees of the most overrated people all across the world. we will be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood, when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ pampers. peaceful nights. playful days. before i do any projects on on my pampers. at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list
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earlier in the show we asked who's more overrated than tim tebow. john tower has responses. >> little bit of partisanship. ted cruz, sarah palin. lebron james. >> he's not overrated. >> not at all. we got some random ones. home made burritos are overrated. >> depends if you make them poorly, i guess. >> i guess. >> laura writes, most overrighted mine and your congressman and nerf sharks. >> i don't know they were in play for being overrated. we had random ones this morning. thanks, john. not overrated, "morning joe," starts right now. ♪


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